Lucky Louis Vuitton Purchases

I’ve had Louis Vuitton pieces gifted to me before, but I’ve never actually went into the boutique to purchase one myself.. Until now. I bought two new pieces from my local boutique and I scored a hot item off of their website. I’m absolutely in love with the service I received and enjoyed the whole experience :). My SA gave me a tip to score hot items. Number 1: You can put your name on their waiting list and also provide your credit card information and as soon as the item is available they will make an automatic purchase and call you to let you know it has arrived. Number 2: You can continue to check your local store and locations in your city; you might get lucky.. You might even want to check the boutiques in other cities if you’re traveling. Number 3: Check the Louis Vuitton website for availability, yes you can order LV online on their website. If your item reads – Call for availability or Call for Inquiry.. That means its sold out.. But hold on don’t lose hope, the website is restocked everyday at 10AM & at 10PM it’ll just take a little dedication and time. Keep refreshing the website until your item eventually says “Place in Bag”.. SCORE!!! I lucked out on the first day of trying this method; a lady in the store even approached my to ask how I got my Toiletry Pouch 26 because it’s always sold out.. Somehow that made me feel special; I’m inlove with all my new LV pieces. Check out my new video on my Youtube channel to find out what else I scored.. Hint Hint.. they are all from my 2019 Luxury Wishlist 🙂

One day I’ll own one of these beauties 🙂

The courage to change the perspective ~ MyLadyMarie


  1. SG
    June 3, 2020 / 3:01 am

    10am and 10pm for what time zone?

  2. Sousou From DaBlock
    April 6, 2021 / 6:10 pm

    Wish me luck… I want to purchase a Multi Pochette Accessory bag and have not had any luck. I’m from Toronto you already knooooow so I’m gonna try the whole 10 am 10 pm trick… will update if it ever works.

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