How To Look Expensive | 11 Rules

  1. The 85% rule – 85% classic pieces in your wardrobe and 15% trendy pieces
  2. Wear appropriate undergarments that flatter your figure and outfit
  3. Your scent matters
  4. Materials – The material of your clothing can say a lot, pick items that look more expensive (See my Youtube video below for a more in-depth elaboration of the 11 Rules – How to look expensive)
  5. Put thought into your outfit – Make it unique
  6. Monochrome for the win !!
  7. Skin Care – Hair Care & Overall Health and Physical fitness
  8. Surgery ??
  9. Accessories – These have the ability to take your outfit to the next level
  10. Tailor your clothing
  11. Confidence

These are my 11 Golden Rules on – How To Look Expensive
For a more elaborate walkthrough of this list please watch the video below entitled: How To Look Expensive

Must Watch!!! You’re welcome 🙂
Marie xoxo

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