How To Look Expensive | 11 Rules

  1. The 85% rule – 85% classic pieces in your wardrobe and 15% trendy pieces
  2. Wear appropriate undergarments that flatter your figure and outfit
  3. Your scent matters
  4. Materials – The material of your clothing can say a lot, pick items that look more expensive (See my Youtube video below for a more in-depth elaboration of the 11 Rules – How to look expensive)
  5. Put thought into your outfit – Make it unique
  6. Monochrome for the win !!
  7. Skin Care – Hair Care & Overall Health and Physical fitness
  8. Surgery ??
  9. Accessories – These have the ability to take your outfit to the next level
  10. Tailor your clothing
  11. Confidence

These are my 11 Golden Rules on – How To Look Expensive
For a more elaborate walkthrough of this list please watch the video below entitled: How To Look Expensive

Must Watch!!! You’re welcome 🙂
Marie xoxo


  1. John T. Mayle
    May 23, 2020 / 5:17 am

    Still proud of you my YouTube friend (which you already know) while dressing so lovely. Likewise I hope I meet you in person Lord’s will (no crush) while planning going back to Niagara Falls as well your hometown-which I have been twice on the Canadian side but on the New York side (probably three times) Note: I’ll be going to stay Buffalo, NY as Niagara Falls, NY and maybe Canada in July Lord’s will in addition visiting some church friends. Well that’s all. Take care. Your in my prayers. John(AL/OH-USA).

  2. Kari
    March 31, 2023 / 12:06 am

    Love you

    • Kari
      March 31, 2023 / 1:58 pm


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