Vlog City| Toronto: St. Lawrence Market – Old Spaghetti Factory & Graffiti Alley


                               As promised, I’ve started exploring my city of Toronto. This time we checked out St. Lawrence Market, Old Spaghetti Factory & Graffiti Alley. First stop was St.Lawrence market, I must admit, I have been here once before, in elementary school. It wasn’t what I remembered or expected it to be, I was young so I suppose it seemed like a bigger place to me then. I loved all the variety and the market feel. As usual, I found myself wanting to taste and touch everything, I can’t help it. St. Lawrence Market is locatold spaghetti factory, torontoed on Front & Jarvis, we found parking directly across the street for about 8$, not bad. You’ll find, produce, meats, dairy items, seafood + organic jams, treats, ready to eat foods, fresh coffee, and tea. I love Tea. This is a great place to visit with family and or friends for those in Toronto or if you’re just visiting.

                                       Next stop for the day was The Old Spaghetti Factory. I’ve never been here before but my cousin had great things to say about it. We all ordered the Seafood pasta, which was great for me as I’ve been avoiding meats lately (still eat seafood). I ordered mine factory feast size and that was more than enough to fill myself and my two daughters along with a parmesan shrimp appetizer. It was delicious, I would definitely go back again. The meal came with dessert (ice cream, 3 choices) and the factory feast allows for a premium dessert, I got the cheesecake. I didn’t finish the cheesecake and had every intention to eat it later… I forgot it on the table and left.. ugh. I was having such a great time Vlogging my surroundings it escaped me; I will come for you again cheesecake!! lol.

                 Last but not least, spontanegraffiti alley, torontoously we decided to visit, Graffiti Alley. From Spadina to Portland my GPS said it was 1 rush lane, but GPS recognized the name of the alley, so I just followed those directions. To my amazement, there were so many other people there, all taking pictures and hanging out with friends. Never been here before either but the artwork here is stunning. I certainly could not pass up the opportunity to snap some pictures, what with all the cool backgrounds, you’d be silly not to. All of us made a vow to come back again on a sunny summer day and have a photo op lol, I’m down! All this walking and exploring made my Fitbit very happy, I hit my 10,000 step goal effortlessly, it pays to be active. So get up, get out and explore your city 🙂  If you enjoyed this post you’ll enjoy my Vlog showcasing all the locations above, make your way over to my youtube channel and take a look. If you like, please comment, subscribe and share.


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