Lambskin vs Caviar Leather

Hello Ladies & Gents, welcome back to my blog. The new update here has me feeling like I need onsite training, I follow the philosophy… if it’s not broken.. don’t fix it.. It’s actually feeling more broken to me now. I don’t like it, anyhow I will proceed and maybe it’ll figure itself out.

In this post I’ll be speaking about the PROS & CONS of Lambskin vs Caviar Leather. As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with me on YouTube I just purchased my first Chanel bag (yay) 🙂 It is a vintage Chocolate Bar Camellia Mini Flap, in Lambskin. I also had a Large Classic Flap Wallet in Caviar Leather gifted to me over my birthday/holiday season. Personally at this point in my collection I’m undecided on Lambskin or Caviar, after wearing the bag out on a shopping day once I noticed some wear on the bag that wasn’t there before. I have to be honest and say, I was shocked!! I had no idea the bag was that delicate, delicate enough for me to write home for. I noticed wear in the two back corners of the bag from slight rubbing on my coat. 

Because of this I’ve decided to document on this blog a few things you should know and think about when deciding to purchase a Lambskin Chanel bag vs Caviar:

The type of bag: SLGs (Small Leather Goods) & WOCs (Wallets on chain) are better to be purchased in Caviar due to the wear factor of Lambskin. SLGs and WOCs tend to see more use and are used in your handbag or closely to you on your body. This puts the product in the category of high usage. And high usage = more wear (not good for lambskin)

Size of the bag: In my opinion if you are looking to purchase a Jumbo Classic Flap.. Your best bet would be going with Caviar. The jumbo has a larger surface area open to scratches and opportunities for more wear. Lambskin would be a no in this category for me.

Your preferred look & Feel: Ultimately the choice is yours and if you just won’t be satisfied if you have anything other than a Lambskin or Caviar then purchase the bag you love. Just make sure to educate yourself on how to care for your bag and be ready to embrace wear on both bags. We pay a lot for these investment pieces, so make sure they last.

The number of bags in your collection: This matters; if you have 2 bags verse 20 it should play a big role in your decision process of Lambskin vs Caviar. For example: If you have 20 handbags that you rotate through you could be safer buying the bag in Lambskin, especially if you only reach for your new lambskin bag once or twice a month and store it right. Now if you only have 2 bags.. The likelihood of you wearing your bag several times a month is higher, if you have a lambskin bag be very careful with use and storage on a daily basis when using the bag. Possibility of wear is higher.

Resale Value: After doing some research I found the only difference between the two leathers in terms of pricing is when there is noticeable wear. So without even trying and being very delicate the Lambskin can still experience significant wear over time. That being said I’d say in my opinion over time Caviar leather will give a better ROI than the beautiful classic Lambskin. But if you are very skilled in preserving your bag Lambskin will always be adored and bring you your ROI.

The color of bags: Purchasing a Lambskin bag in a darker colour is preferred as the wear on the bag will be less noticeable. (Thank god my bag is black 🙂 ) In addition, Lambskin generally looks richer!! It truly does.

Are you interested in learning more about Lambskin vs Caviar Leather? If so watch my most recent Youtube video where I share a closer look at my Caviar and Lambskin Chanel Leather bag & wallet. I also share what happened to my Chocolate Bar Mini Flap after one day of use. You can find the video to the right side of this post if you’re on your computer or towards the end of the page if you’re visiting via your mobile.

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