Feminine Refinement is Key🔑

We’ve all heard the saying “Level Up”. And when watching others do this it seems simply enough right? Buy some luxury items, post beautiful pictures and dine at expensive & aesthetically pleasing locations around the world.. or locally. Hmm 🤔 could that be all it takes?

If you are a free thinker like myself.. you know that is hardly levelling up. To truly level up comes from within; the inner work that is done to refine your current/past self and develop into the woman/person you envision yourself being and attracting. Because as they say.. you attract who you are! Not who you are pretending to be.. Make sense?

Therefore, I’m brought to “Refinement”. Refinement is key & a game changer on your journey to.. Levelling up/Awakening your Divine Feminine & Living a lifestyle or elegance & etiquette.

Chances are you’re unsure how to be more refined. I understand.. refinement is not something that is taught in a regular school 🏫. I want to see all my ladies develop into the women they know they are and attract the partners they deserve.. No matter the age, race or previous circumstances. Let go all your self limiting beliefs and start developing and believing in your own. Manifest your dream life, it is possible. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to begin your introspection & work towards becoming more refined, from the inside first.

What kind of woman do you want to be?

If you were a fragrance.. what would you smell like?

If you were a song… what would you sound like?

Luckily for you a also did a Youtube video describing in more detail how to use these questions to unveil the type of woman you authentically are deep inside. Please watch the video below.

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Take care – Marie

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