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Toronto At Night

It’s 4AM, I hear nothing; but my heart beat and occasional rumblings from my stomach remind me I need sustenance. I’ve been waking up this early for years, regardless of if I have work or not. There’s something about the stillness of the emerging morning and fading night that calms me. Nobody is awake, at least in my home, and I can vibrate in my own energy without interruption.

A 1litre Brita water bottle sits on my side table, and my yoga mat rests under the bed. I lay there staring into the darkness saying several affirmations for my day: I am happy, I am successful, I am healthy, I am secure, I am loved, I am kind, I am intelligent, are a few I recite every morning before my feet touch the hardwood. I take a few sips of water and lay out my mat, then I start stretching. Waking up in a positive state of being is very important to me; if my routine is altered, my day just isn’t the same. I don’t dare turn on the light or make noise to alert others that I’m happily awake. After my stretches, I immediately start thinking about tea, I really should find a mini size kettle that’s fairly quiet to keep in my room. Do you know of any? Feel free to let me know.

In a couple of hours, the daylight will start peaking through the window, I smile because I’ve beat it to the punch once again. I feel, awake, rested, centered, focused and clear on what lays ahead for my day, I’m prepared, and ready for breakfast.

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See you next time 🙂
MyLady Marie

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